I ain’t a guru. I don’t have a recipe for happiness, or love, or contentment, or adventure – I kind of believe it’s up to us to have a play around our own kitchens for those ones. But what I have learned lately, rather unintentionally, is a recipe for discontent, ickiness and disconnection. This is where I have found myself parked as of late, as I lost touch of the practices and rituals that nourish and nurture, and instead replaced these with an automated, non present kind of existence. Hey, it happens to the best of us. We slink back into the routine of life, our priorities skew and we find ourselves giving space to things that don’t matter and putting the things that do, on the back burner. Rather than falling back into a ‘woe is me’ ‘this is shitty’ and a totally powerless and unaccountable state … I say ‘well, what have I learnt from this?’. A whole lot. And because I’m all about sharing the lessons, why not share them with my darlings (you) and let us grow and evolve together. Comprende?



[Best served hot AF]

1 // Focusing on what’s lacking. Your life could be teeming with blessings and good and magic, but if you solely focus on what’s missing or lacking, those blessings don’t mean squat. This is crappy for a few reasons. Firstly – it’s just so damn counterproductive and ungrateful. We are little walking, talking miracles and every single day we are granted to explore this planet is a mother flippin’ gift. How many people would trade places with us in a heartbeat, for the opportunity to live and learn as we do so freely? Sah many. Secondly – one of the most powerful and highly regarded Universal laws (The ole Law of Attraction) dictates that what we focus on, expands. If we focus on the shit, guess the furg what is amplified and sent our way? Conversely, focusing on the good is like sending a razor sharp message to the Universe that tells it ‘THIS. This is what I want to see more of please’.

2 // Comparing your unique and magnificent little existence to, well, anybody else’s. My achilles heel and number one vice, but admission is the first step to healing right? Hi, I’m Emily and I’m a comparaholic. Theodore Roosevelt once said ‘Comparison is the thief of joy’. Bang on Teddy, bang on. Comparison can be a healthy practice, to motivate growth and direction and ambition, but only when our basis for comparison is ourselves. AND when handled with total kindness. I’ve realised that we, whoever we are, are always doing the best we can with where we are at. Some days that might look golden and feel sparkly, some days the best we can manage is not falling apart. And that’s ok too. By comparing ourselves and our lives to those around us, we inevitably deny ourselves of potentially uncovering our own path. The things that are meant for us will always find us, when we get out of our own way, and by holding ourselves at a standard set by others and therefore implying that we too need to follow said path, we put up blocks on all the magic that might in fact be meant for us. Our lives are as unique as our fingerprints. There has never been, and will never be, another person with your unique blend of gifts, talents and experiences then why the fuck would you expect to know what the Universe could possibly have in store for you in your one wild and precious life? Huh?

3 // Surrendering your power. We always have 1000% more control over situations than we ever allow ourselves to admit. One of my favourite quotes as a little tacker (fact: I have always been a word nerd and spiritual sass pot) was ‘If you don’t like something, change it. You are not a tree‘. This incredibly simple and poignant lesson is just so potent – we are capable of changing so much of what we are unhappy with and yet we often surrender this power of choice and declare the situation ‘beyond our control’. Ah, no hombre, that just don’t fly with me. Sure, there are elements of life, in all its wonder and terror that may be beyond our control, but our attitude towards them or ourreaction towards them are ALWAYS a matter of choice. Choose differently and yield differently.

4 // Ignoring your gut. Oh hey there little internal flame and voice in my belly, where you been? Hand that little effer a mic and tune in to what it has to say. We are so much more wise and intuitive than we give ourselves credit for – but soul squashing habits (distractions in all their delicious forms – low vibe food, alcohol, lack of connection with the world around us, living in autopilot … you know the drill) often adds noise to the mix and muzzles our inner being, rendering them (and their epic nuggets of wisdom) silent. Let’s quieten the noise, sit with our breath, feed our bodies and our souls with only the best vibes, and let’s see what it has to say. Chances are, you’ll wantto hear it.

5 // Losing perspective and buying into the concept of separation. Feeling isolated and on this journey alone and feeling like you are floating solo in the sea of overwhelm? You sir have been sold a dummy. The illusion of our separation is such a tepting and alluring trap to fall into but, the fact is, we are all in this together. This planet is shared by millions and billions of species and souls, all of whom are part of a greater collective that we will never (really and truly) understand. Our energy and the energy of others is responsible for the healing (or detriment) of our world, and I kind of believe its our responsiblity to ensure our lives contribute to the greater good. Make sure your energy is good, and kind, and loving and healing. Low vibe, funky, neggy vibes don’t serve nobody.

Blessings and umbrellas a plenty to weather this kind of shit storm x

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