Isn’t it so easy to slip into complacency, to ignore all the wonderful things that we are capable of and instead hone in on our not so great moments or (quote unquote) failures? I have, sure as shit, been guilty of this over the past week. I have been sending my internal spotlight, full blast, on my icky aspects and completely turned my back on the things that make me, well, pretty fucking rad. Physically – I have been solely focused on my problem skin and my jiggly bits – instead of looking at (and loving the bejeebus out of) my strong legs, my bright eyes and long arms that hold me up in a mean plank pose. Emotionally – I have been concerned only with my shortcomings like my total vulnerability and see-sawing emotional spectrum – rather than shining light of my big mother of a heart, my passion and my hopefulness. Spiritually – I have been punishing myself for not being disciplined in my yoga and meditation practices and rituals – and not celebrating the fact that every single day, I operate from a place of love and appreciation and kindness that will always guide me to my spiritual home. Can you relate? Are there some not-so-flashy aspects of your life that you’re magnifying when really you should be turning up the dial on your other (gazillian) accomplishments and successes?

This past weekend was an absolute doozey. An emotional rollercoaster (if someplace, somewhere there exists a rollercoaster that primarily spirals down, with very little vertical reprieve). An absolute mental shit fight of a weekend. But, you know what, I’m going to throw myself a mini win party. Because, when all I wanted to do was curl up, cry and give up … guess what the eff I did:

+ Made my bed. Erry morning.

+ Cleaned the house.

+ Did three loads of washing (Yeah – you read that right. I kicked ass).

+ Took myself out and did a workout every day.

+ Dipped my toes in the ocean and took time to just be.

+ Let myself cry. A lot. And did so surrendering any judgement or malicious inner thoughts.

+ Listened to music that was trashy and nasty. And oh so deliciously good.

+ Ate high vibe, kind, healthful food.

+ Sipped a coffee mindfully while I read my book.


So, beautiful girl, take it from me. Life can get tough, but YOU are tougher. Trust me. So everytime you feel your self love slippin’ and your esteem take a nose dive – take that spotlight off those aspects that aren’t feelin’ so good and aim that baby at everything that you’re doing right. Even if that’s getting out of bed. Even if that’s sending a kind text to a friend. Even if that’s breathing. Praise the good that you’re doing in the world and amplify that light. We are all doing the very best that we can, in any given circumstance. So lay off yourself, give you some love and an extra dose of cuddles from me.

Blessings and three baskets worth of squeaky clean laundry x

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