So there’s a pretty famous saying that everybody knows, quotes and regularly reminds themselves … ‘the grass is always greener on the other side’. This wise ole little bitty is often thrown around when people are complaining about their x, y or z; or when people are considering change and look longingly at someone else’s journey or their ‘haves’. So, we know what’s on the other side … grass. Green as shit grass, apparently. But I had a thought this week that has completely stuck with me (as all powerful little epiphanies do) and I wanted to explore that today. What is on the other side of fear?

Fear. We have all experienced it. In some big way or small way, often or sporadically, physically or emotionally. Fear is a sneaky little effer and it can don a multitude of guises in order to creep itself into our minds and lives. And fear is so gloriously unique to each of its hosts – for me it’s a gut thing. Fear lives in the pit of my stomach and it feels heavy and dense and nasty. It lingers until the issue at hand is resolved. In a way, I’m so deeply grateful for this horrible sensation because it turns up, tells me exactly what’s up and what’s not sitting right, and then serves as a sort of guiding post for where I need to go.


This little life lesson has been popping up left, right and centre. Both personally and also in the lives of my nearest and dearest. Fear presents itself within relationships, work, travel, creative pursuits, our health … literally errywhere. I’ve had friends share their fears behind work endeavours, around whether or not to ‘book the trip’, ‘end or start the relationship’, ‘set a physical challenge’. And then there is me, a girl whose life has literally been turned upside down and shaken until all familiar constructs were gone, gone, gone. Fear has come knocking once or twice. But you can either dead bolt the doors, refusing to acknowledge its presence and blaring Beiber as loud as you can til Fear gets the hint; or you can invite it in, boil the kettle and find out what it has to say and why the eff it rocked up (unannounced and without wine). Explore fear, embrace fear and allow it to empower you to make a considered decision.

Which brings me to tying up (yet another) stream of thought consciousness piece in a neat little bow. On the other side of our desires is greener grass. But on the other side of fear literally lays all of the good shit. Happiness in excess, joy coming out of our eyeballs, fulfilment, peace, love, harmony, gratitude, growth, inspiration … ALL the good stuff lays on the other side of fear. So don’t deflect this universally sent little messenger, just hear it out. And then thank it for coming, awkwardly say ‘we should catch up again soon’ (when really you know it┬ájust won’t roll like that) and once fear has been faced, make your way over to the other side of that damn hill baby.

Blessings and fear bustin’ like a boss x


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