I love lunar cycles, I do. I truly honour the push and pull of energies, the influence that the moon has on our mood, energy and physicality, the particular connection between lady cycles and lunar cycles (side note – reading Adore your Cycle by Claire Baker and it’s seriously empowering and game-changing) … I dig it. BUT whatever the eff is going on at the moment can seriously eat a dee. Our planet’s energies are a-swirling in a pretty crazy way – like a child convinced that the creak of the house is footsteps, or the shadows cast on the wall are that of a monster’s – we are seeing and experiencing things as a little bigger and scarier than they actually are. Cue … December’s supermoon, the third of three over as many months, that has seen MASSIVE changes unfold and has triggered monumental energetic shifts.

Because my writing (and, you know, life) is all about transparency and true expression – I’m going to level with you. The latter part of this year has been tough. It’s felt a little frightening, unfamiliar and kinda shitty. Oh and heads up, most people around me are expressing this too, so I know it’s not just my own crazy sensitive soul. Everything is magnified, amplified and, taking a page from the rearview mirror handbook, things ‘may appear closer (and more shitty) than they are’. Use this opportunity to take a bit of an inventory as to where you are and how your feels are. Do you feel particularly stretched and worn out? Do you feel helpless in certain area of your life? Do you feel more fearful, more doubtful, less trusting or less assured? Do you feel, simply, more down on yourself and are you perhaps being a little too critical of you? What is stirring within you and is it realistic of what is (realistically) going down?

The moon is reeking a little bit of havoc because it’s kind of intensifying and multiplying whatever is going on. Feeling sad? You’re going to really feel it, to your core. Feeling scared? You’ll come as close to pooping your pants with fear than you ever have before, my love. Feeling overwhelmed? It’s likely that the smallest new addition to your plate will send you into a tailspin and freak you out, big time.


Ready for me to alleviate the doom and gloom? The current swirls and magic of the universe don’t discriminate, it amplifies whatever is being put out. Low vibes are breeding low vibes, but conversely high vibes are poppin’ out higher vibes like nobody’s business. This empowering shift in perspective can allow you to change up your situation pretty dang fast. It’s easy to lull in overwhelm or fear, but use that inner knowing that life is not meant to be a drag and encourage yourself to shift gears. Whether it’s taking inventory of what is within your control, versus what is beyond your control; or whether it’s busting out a gratitude list; having a massive wine fuelled vent to a friend; pulling an oracle card; journalling til your fingers bleed; going for a run; watching your favourite comedian; consciously choosing to harness this energy to inspire and motivate; or whatever the bleep works for you. You can use the current energetic magnifying glass to your advantage by making sure you have something worth amplifying. Challenge yourself to clear out the nasty and make way for the new and good. Just as this final full moon of the year signifies ending and closure – it also paves the way for new beginnings and fresh starts. Harbour this energy and let’s see the new year in with motivation, momentum and magic.

Join me, won’t you?

Blessings and ‘good vibes only’ x

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