I’m-a be your hand holding, wand waving, meditation guru and take you on a meditative journey back to yourself. Enjoy my loves.

1)   Find a comfortable seat, with your sit bones connected with the floor below you.

2)   Take a few easy breaths to centre yourself and to mark the beginning of your practice. Breathe out all of your breath in a slow, continuous flow until your lungs are empty. Pause. Breathe in through your nose, aware of the air’s journey as it passes through your nasal cavity, down the back of your throat, down your airways and deep into your lungs. Pause. Exhale and, again, follow the breath’s journey from your lungs, up your airways, past the back of your throat, up and out of your nasal cavity where it returns to your outer world. Repeat as many times as you desire, until you’re happy that your system is calm, open and at peace. Now … choose your meditation journey for today

  1. A visual meditation. Feel the ground below you. Be aware of its strength and its infallible ability to support your body entirely. Send a silent thank you to the earth beneath you. Now visualize your base as a tree which, without roots, is unsturdy and easily knocked. Visualise a strong root emerging from the base of your spine, thick and long and strong, connecting you to the earth. Visualise it continuing on, going deeper than the floor//grass below you, into the earth and extending metres down. Now visualise that root extending and sprouting hundreds more, creating a web of convoluted connections and a network of strength and support below your seat. Be aware of how much more strength and stability lies in your core. Send another silent thank you to the earth for providing such a strong base and support.
  2. The conscious breath meditation. Building on your centering warm up of being aware of your breath’s journey, start to become aware of the ‘extension’ of its path. Questions that you can ask yourself are – where has it come from; where was it created; where has it been before it entered your lungs and nourished your cells; what other earthlings have breathed this same air and received its bounty? The breath is one aspect of ourselves that all of life relies on – it’s the invisible thread that connects us all to one another, and our body to our mind and spirit.
  3. Intentional meditation. What do you want to extend, cultivate and share today? Set an intention that reflects the light and joy that you want to capture and release. Perhaps your intention might be to see the good in those around you; ask the Universe, God, the angels, your highest self (whatever you feel comfortable with and believe to be true), to help you manifest this desire within your day. Perhaps your intention is to extend kindness within your day – to be kind for the sake of being kind and without expectation. Visualise this intent as a bright, luminous, white light at your heart centre, growing with every breath and every repetition of your chosen intention. With every exhalation, release this intent to the universe and allow your breath to carry it into your outer world, and extending throughout your local and wider worlds.
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Blessings and meditative bliss x

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