As I type this, it’s approximately one billion degrees in Perth. Ok, slight exaggeration, maybe one million. It’s freakin’ hot. And yesterday, in my much adored but slightly rural little country town, we lost power for 4 hours when it all became too much. Too many aircons goin’, too many fans, too many big bad shops running fridges and freezers and what not. Our first world luxuries proved too energy demanding and the grid screamed ‘back the fug up and let a brother breathe’.¬†Which got me thinking – how much do we, as individuals and as a society, rely on technologies and new age machines on our day to day existence – specifically, in climate control and temperature regulation. The answer? A shit-tonne. So I got to brainstorming about ways that we can, in light of this hell resembling heat wave, stay cool and still respect and replenish bad bish Mother Earth.

1. Keep the heat//light out!

Seems like an obvious one but it’s true! Keep the shades closed, curtains drawn, lights off, screens (TV, computer etc) off and keep heat inducing activities to a minimum. If you don’t let it get hot – you won’t be hot. Ya dig?

2. Suck back some icey cold goodness.

Half freeze water bottles, top ’em up with fresh H20 in the morning and sip on these bad boys throughout the day to keep you a) hydrated and b) refreshed. Other ideas – icey poles (home made and healthy varieties o’ course), coconut icecream, chilled juice. Take yo’ pick!

3. Jump in the pool.

I don’t have a pool … but I have unlimited 24/7 access to the best pool in town¬†– da beach! I’ve been popping down every single afternoon come end of day, and a quick dip and swim has been enough to cool me right down IMMEDIATELY and also put a bit more of a spring in my step. We often take for granted just how lucky we are to have such gorgeous beaches at our doorstep, so grab your towel and your sexy ‘kinis and soak it the eff up. You will NOT regret it.

4. Choose nature’s air con (over the energy sucking, man made kind).

Open windows or find a shady spot to read a book and catch the afternoon breeze. Mother nature didn’t muck around when she thought of adding a cooling, refreshing gust of air that intermittently cuts through the heat of the day. If you need a little something extra, place a fan in front of a window to make the most of nature’s cooling system.

5. Get nekkid.

Clothes make us hot. If you’re home alone (or if you live with a very lucky son-of-a-gun), strip off or wear your booty shorts and ‘kini top. At the end of the work day, for me, I strip down to the bare minimum and start the coolin’ process. Our bodies are pretty clever – they know what to do.

Blessings and sticky, hot, sweaty love x

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