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NANs Oracle Reading

Well lookie lookie what I have for you today. The first VLOG entry for 2015. I set myself a challenge of gettin’ out a few of these babies over the year so was keen to get started ASAP!

Today’s video is all about Oracle readings. Perhaps this is something you know oodles about or nothing at all. This very simple, short video, serves as a little ‘wet your whistle’ introduction into this beautiful spiritual practice.

So get yourselves comfy and come and hang with me for 10 minutes as I introduce you to this very therapeutic and divinely supported ritual.

If you’re interested in the specific details of ANY of the card decks shown in today’s video, please don’t hesitate to shoot me an email or hit me up on Insta//Facey!

PS. Don’t forget to email for your FREE angel card reading. This simple, single card, reading may reveal something to you that you’ve been waiting to hear for oh so long. What are you waiting for?

Blessings, love and oodles of angelic support x

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