5 WAYS TO GET HAPPY – Like, now.


Hello my little happiness junkies. Craving a hit? Happy levels too low and wanting a pick me up? Have no fear, your happiness dealer is here!

The comparison of happiness to drugs may be a little controversial but hey – I believe the comparison is more poignant than we first think. When our ‘happiness’ is down and we feel dejected, depressed, empty. We are craving something to lift our spirits, to make us feel again. To lift us from our current state and inject some life into us.  We do something that invokes happiness and feel a jolt. With a dose of happiness – our eyes shine brighter, our energy is up, we feel more vibrant and connected and loved. We count our blessings. We give thanks. We give generously. We love. We laugh. We grow. Happiness is the drug that gives, without taking away. And, sweet stuff, we could all do with some o’ dat.

1. Phone a Friend

We all have that ‘happy friend’. The person/s we can count on to brighten our day simply by sharing their glow. Friends also offer fresh perspectives on seemingly bleak situations and this alone can induce happiness havens.

Got one minute? Send a quick text saying ‘hey, day could use some brightening, do your thing‘ to your loved one.

Got five minutes? Call a loved one during your lunch or tea break – just to chat. Just to share. Just to connect. You will return to your day refreshed and invigorated.

Got more? Date that son-of-a-gun. Head outside for a long chat over lunch or coffee or vino! Let the conversation flow and bask in the happiness glow of your  ‘person’.

2. Count your Blessings

I harp on about this. A lot. But it is, in all honesty, one of the key factors in bumping up my energy and getting me out of a shlump. Think of things that you are grateful for or have been blessed with. Anything. The fact that Fido is big enough to take for long walks to the beach now, or that you were able to pay your bills this month, or that your garden is getting loved up and nourished by all this winter weather? Anything, anything, anything that happens to resonate with you and leaves your heart feeling full.

Got one minute? Rattle off as many blessings as you can in one minute. You will surprise yourself at just how many you are surrounded by once you open your eyes to it.

Got five minutes? Tag a friend//colleague! Do a ‘blessings’ list and swap it with a friend. Add to theirs by saying the things that you are grateful for about having them in your life. Feel good ju-ju galore!

Got more? Commit to a morning ‘blessing’ list. Weave it into your morning routine. Perhaps sketching out a daily list over a hop cup o’ joe; or reciting in the shower, or journalling in your warm bed before you even get up!

3. Give Happiness to get Happiness

Be generous with your time, energy, money or love. Truth bomb – making others smile tends to have a rub off effect on us. Brighten someone’s day and see how quickly yours too begins to shine.

Got one minute? Give someone a (heartfelt) compliment. Not a run of the mill, cookie cutter compliment about how nice their shirt is – although, gorgeous shirt Mr Man at IGA – but rather, dig deep and lay some soulful love on them. Get specific. “I love how you always seem to have time for others. You always give of your attention and kindness so freely and unconditionally that it makes such an incredible difference in the lives of those around you. We are so lucky to have you around!” or “You are trying so hard at x. I think that your drive and tenacity is so inspiring! I really learn a lot by your example, so thank you”. Day made.

Got five minutes? Write a letter, of thanks and love, to someone in your life. Team it with a bunch of flowers, their favourite CD, a hand delivered coffee and you’re onto a real winner. Smile and give and share that happiness.

Got more? Spoil the shit out of someone. Go to your local Good Samaritans store and see what sort of donations that need. Rummage through your house and give generously.

Give a hefty donation to your favourite charity. Volunteer for a day at your local not for profit organisation. Get creative.

Take your loved one out for a day of pampering, love and attention. Happiness guaranteed or your money back.

4. Simply Smile

Remember that old adage ‘fake it til you make it’. True. Ridiculously simplistic and true.

Got one minute? Smile for one minute.

Got five minutes? Smile for five minutes.

Got more? Keep on smiling! It is THAT simple.

5. Find your Happy

What do you do that, without fail, leaves your heart bursting with love, your eyes twinkling and your soul happy? For my better half, it’s fishing. For me, it’s … not. We are all gloriously individual with uniques thoughts, drives, ambitions, loves, interests and skills. Relish in yours. Find out what makes your soul sour and do that. Think about what you did as a little tacker that made your grubby, squishy, puppy fat face wrinkle with laughter lines – and try that. Make a fail-safe list of happiness activities and keep them somewhere you can see.

Got one minute? Blast your favourite song and move however the moment inspires you to!

Got five minutes? Think of some things that you’ve done in the past (far past or more recently) that led to you feeling exuberantly joyful. Was it rollerblading, skipping, painting, reading. Make a list and do some research. Find your nearest giant ballpit and jump the frick in.

Got more? Free one of your days to commit to fun. Reconnecting with good, old fashioned, simple, rustic fun. Dance like an idiot for an hour followed by a walk along the beach, coffee with a friend and a play at the park with your dog. Whatever makes your soul happy, do that.

Blessings and rays of sunshine and happiness beaming out of my face x

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