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WARM FUZZY FRIDAY – The Prelude to a Post …

I wanted to share this post with you, initially designed and intended to be a short introduction to my typical pictorial posts that I serve you guys on a Friday. But this morning, the words came hot and heavy, and who was I to stop them and stand in the way? They wanted to be […]

WARM FUZZY FRIDAY – Birthday Styles


Found here I woke up this morning, to a beautifully whispered ‘Happy birthday beautiful’ from my darling, in a warm bed, with 25 years behind me and a hell of a full heart. Grateful doesn’t come close. Blessed doesn’t cut it either. Complete and utter overwhelm and the world’s biggest smile… The past year has […]

WARM FUZZY FRIDAYS – The Lights of my Life Edition

Last week I attempted to assemble this post, write beautiful words, reference all the links and have it all click-ready for you by Friday afternoon – nek minut my computer crashed and I lost the beautiful post. So I will today keep it very short and sweet and leave you with a collection of images. […]



Today’s post is lovingly dedicated to someone very very special who, today, embarks on an exciting little journey. To all of you who are venturing into the unknown – who need a comforting cuddle and to be told that the pursuit of their dreams is the right thing to do – consider this mine, and […]

WARM FUZZY FRIDAY – Alignment, Happiness and Vision


Welcome to your inspiration board and a visual collection of my thoughts at the moment. This week is all about alignment, happiness and vision – things that feel that they have effortlessly but significantly clicked with me over the past week. In just five short days I feel clearer, more determined and more aligned than […]



Found here.    This Fuzzy Friday, I’m not going to bombard you with images. I’m not going to chirp on and say the same thing in a slightly different way´╗┐ over and over. I’m simply loving and leaving you with this quote. I must have seen and read this quote a majillion times. When you read as […]


Keepin’ it simple this Friday and am sharing with you a few images to inspire, encourage, motivate and add ‘sparkle’ to your friday. Enjoy my darlings. Found here Found here Found here Found here Found here Found here Found here Found here Found here Found here Found here Found here Found here Found here Found […]

WARM FUZZY FRIDAY – Progress not Perfection


One of my newest affirmations and attitudes that I have picked up, and learned to love along the way, is  to stop my old ways of seeking out external sources of happiness, inspiration and love. If I am feeling unhappy, I will do something that makes me happy. If I want to be inspired, I’ll […]