INSPIRING SOULS – The Oh So Juicy Edition


Today, my darling blessers, it is my absolute pleasure to share this space with two sparkly gems. Amanda and Heidi are mamas, entrepreneurs, wellness crusaders and just … well lovely humans. Together they run an incredible juice company here in the South West of WA (I know, I peed my pants a little too when they started up) – Livity¬†Margaret River.

I approached these ladies to be part of BTM’s Inspiring Souls series because, to me, they are the epitome of girls-next-door inspiration. This dynamite duo are just takin’ the world by storm, but in a way that is kind, loving and vibrant. They certainly inspire me to do my best livin’ and I hope that their words today also resonate, in some way, with you and your journey too.

1. Describe your lifestyle approach in three words.

Fresh, Holistic, Balance

2. What led to your decision to choose this lifestyle?

Both of us grew up in families that valued home grown produce and meals prepared with love and care from scratch. As children this is the lifestyle that we experienced and now as mothers it is the lifestyle that we want to provide for our families.

3. What is the most over used ingredient in your kitchen?

Easy…Lemon – Zesty, Fresh, Punchy – we use it in pretty much everything!

4. What have been the greatest challenges for you in your quest for health/wellness/peace of mind?

Without a doubt we would both say that finding time for our own health and wellness journeys is our greatest challenge.

When life is busy, it is all too easy to let exercise or time for your self slip down the priority list, we found this to be especially true whilst establishing our business, Livity.

We find scheduling in exercise/relaxation is really helpful and also trying new activities with friends – keeping things interesting and fun is key for us.

5. Who/What are your greatest influences and inspirations?

We are both very family focused so our families health and well-being are a huge influence on us and a source of inspiration to live happy, healthy and full lives.

We also admire people that have found the elusive balance between being focused on their health, whilst allowing themselves to relax the reigns when they want to and enjoy special treats, memories and moments that often unite us and allow us to share simple pleasures.

6. What has been your most radical change?

Heidi – Giving up coffee!! Sometimes I miss the taste but I felt like it really affected me…and not in a good way.

Amanda – I have noticed that as I have gotten a little older (eek!) and more invested in my health and well-being that I drink alcohol less often.

I definitely still have a drink on occasion, however drinking to excess is a pretty rare event for me…I hate hangovers and always feel like I am wasting a precious day – that being said you can twist my rubber arm and Heidi’s where cocktails are concerned!


7. Recipe for success?

Being prepared!

Using time on the weekend to get the groceries done and preparing healthy, delicious meals for the week ahead makes such a huge difference to our well-being in more ways than one.

Having healthy choices prepared means that they are the things you choose which makes us feel healthier, doing the work ahead of time so that we are not trying to juggle that along with homework, chores and have a bit more time up our sleeve to spend with our families, keeps us happy little campers.

Always having a good supply of our Livity cold-pressed juice freshly pressed and stocked in our fridges doesn’t hurt either!

8. Describe your perfect day.

A beach outing on a stunning South West day; an epic picnic basket in hand as well as some fun outdoor activities (for example; Frisbee, SUPS, backyard cricket) with our littles and our loves. Perfection.

9. What are your words to live by? 

Our mantra at Livity and for life in general actually is to… Live it. Love it.

We want to truly live, experience and love all of the moments in our lives. Sometimes those moments will be tough, many will be amazing but to experience and be present in all of them and remember to have an attitude of gratitude… that’s our goal for sure.

10. What is something (an issue or concept or campaign) that is on your mind at the moment?

Recently Jess Ainscough (The Wellness Warrior) passed away, she chose to use unconventional treatments, to thrive with cancer.

Upon her passing a lot has been said on social media platforms about her choices and that she should have accepted the treatment her medical advisors laid out for her.

For the 2 of us, we find that incredibly disrespectful to her, her memory and her loved ones. Until you have been put in such a situation how can you so harshly judge another’s choices?

We assume it takes an immense amount of courage to go against the tide of conventional medicine, it may not be right for everyone, yet we feel every individual should have that choice and that their decision should be respected even if it is not understood.

11. Message for the wannabe revolutionaries?

It’s all about balance BABY! And it’s a whole lot simpler than the torrent of advice we are bombarded with every single day, quality fresh foods, lots of water, sleep, exercise and a bit of juicy Livity goodness of course!

Blessings and a whole lot of “Live it. Love it.”s x

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