Blessed Bookshelf – This Year’s Top Contenders [SO FAR]


Purchased on a whim after a girlfriend had recommended it and had suggested it might be an interesting read for this single pringle. My biggest girl crush and all around sparkly dose of girl powered inspiration [Zoë Foster Blake] wrote a book about romancing in the modern era. Sounds simples. But this book, rather than chirping on about the Cosmo-esque vibes of ensuring that our men get BJs on weekends and home cooked meals, instead shone a light on the importance of first having our own back and honoring our own worth. It encourages its readers, who primarily own ‘ginas I am assuming, to saturate their lives with so much joy, adventure, lust and vibrance that when a dude does finally come into the picture – it’s not the be all, end all. Life is great with men, and it can be great without them too. What’s important is to find someone with whom you’re encouraged to be your best and most epic self [this is non gender specific advice] and that in the quest for love, we don’t compromise ourselves or our wants//needs. Zoë, I heart you.


A yoga book that’s a little different. Rebecca Pacheco explores the concepts of modern and ancient yoga with a light hearted and sassy wit that makes even the most heavy of concepts feel totally accessible and clear. The book is broken down into four overarching themes or areas – part one is all about the history, theories and philosophies of yoga; part two is all body baby; part three looks at the mind and how to maintain health and balance; and part four is all spirit and delves into the spiritual undertones that are so often associated with a yoga practice. I frikkin’ chowed through this book and found myself excitedly tucking into bed at the end of a hectic workday to transport into this zen and calm yogic world that Rebecca helped to curate with her words. You know those books that give such insightful nuggets of wisdom, and practical strategies to incorporate once-impossible-seeming practices seamlessly into your life? This is one of them. If you’re looking at cultivating a little more peace, if you’re a die hard yogi or a stressed out salesman – give this one a go and see if you can carve out a little time to slow and heal. Guarantee it’ll be worth it.



Hippie gal ahoy. Yes, this is a book on lunar phases and moon magic. Yes, I loved it. No, I’m not planning on only wearing hemp and calling my first born ‘RavenLuna’ or anything like that [although kudos if you are]. Here’s the thing – it ain’t no secret that the duality of my character can get a little confusing. On one hand, I am a total true-to-Virgo-style go getter, with pep galore, am ridic organised and possess an insatiable hunger to kick goals and push push push. On the other, I’m a pretty free spirited little positivity junkie who’s all about ‘whatever will be, will be’, ‘when we make plans, the Universe laughs’ etc etc. Well I feel like this book might just be the amalgamation of these two, seemingly opposite, schools of thought – goal directed personal growth using the lunar phases as our guides. Hippie mindset with a little oomph. Yasmin Bowland is a freakin’ genius and has such a beautiful knowledge of, and respect for, the lunar phases and their potential for integration into our busy moderns lives. This book offers you everything you might need to a) learn more about the moon and its magic; b) its monthly phase and cycle guide; c) rituals and guidance that can be adopted at each full and new moon [the most potent phases, duh] and d) how the moon’s ever changing position and phase can specificially influence you and your specific astrological profile. I know, hippie AF but I actually loved it. Even if you just take it on its most literal application – it allows and encourages us to pick a new area//theme of our lives each month, and lovingly and mindfully work towards bringing greater joy and presence and bring about positive change. So whether you’re a mung bean chewing flower child, or a CEO wanting to push renovate every aspect of their lives – have a gander, with an open mind, and learn about what the moon might offer you!

Blessings and books … galore x

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