I totally can see both sides of the ‘internet and modern technology is ruining society’ argumental coin. But, I’ve always been a glass-half-full kind of girl (and side note, air is ‘something’ so actually the glass is super full) so I tend to only look for the positives in any given situation. Case in point the internet and its plethora of viral videos. Now, there’s definitely been an uprising of ‘keyboard activists’, those who perhaps feign interest in a particular topic or genuinely connect to something, but allow that to be as far as the message travels. In this age of information where all news (good and bad) can be shared instantly and reach millions, we have an incredible power and, dare I say, responsibility to do good. If you allow the messages that reach you, that perhaps stir something within you, to stay with you longer than the 2-3mins of air time and have it infiltrate your life and even shape the way you behave … that is where the real power of this era is evident my friends.

Today I wanted to dish up a hefty serving of the feel goods. These are videos, some old and some new, that have touched my heart and that carry with them a powerful message or intention. Watch, reflect and share the love and momentum that each video might, in fact, spark within you.

1 // A message of love, connection, support and kindness. May we extend compassion and care to errybody around us – you never know what their reality may be and just how much they needed that smile. This is why I smile at everyone and no matter how out of breath//annoying I am, say ‘hello’ to everyone on the footpath as I run.

2 // A message of compassion and non harm. From the mouth of babes. “But I like the animals when they are standing up and happy”.

3 // A message of equality and a celebration of diversity. I hope this, and other messages just like it, help to break down the current constructs of what is ‘beauty‘ and what is ‘normal‘.

4 // A message of strength, unconditional love and the frikkin’ amazing power of the human spirit. Tissues ready. This is phenomenal. Always, always, always be grateful for the incredible abilities that you have. And do what you can to share these gifts and abilities with those around you.

Blessings and an unshakable belief in the power to spread positivity and light x

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