28 Lessons over 28 Years


On Tuesday it will be twenty eight years since this soul o’ mine first found itself earth side. And, I don’t know if this is a bias opinion, but I think I’ve packed in a fair bit of life and living over those 28 years and in doing so have uncovered treasures and lessons galore. Because I’m a nostalgic and hippie little mother effer – I wanted to do a big wrap up of the most poignant lessons that this little heart of mine has learned.

1 // Trust (and lean into) the unknown.

2 // Just because it doesn’t look like how you thought it would – doesn’t mean its not (undeniably) your path

3 // FACT: Everyone looks 1000 x more beautiful when they’re smiling.

4 // When you, respectively and lovingly, stop giving a fuck about what others think, the real you shines through and you attract the best kind of people.

5 // It will never be the ‘perfect time’ to start or do anything. So just go for it, baby.

6 // Relationships/connection/experiences > things.

7 // You can always make more money, but you won’t always have the freedom and health to chase what sets your soul alight.

8 // For better or worse, we are all in this together

9 // EVERYTHING is figure-outable.

10 // A positive attitude is infectious.

11 // You can drop eff bombs and dirty jokes, and still be classy AF.

12 // Comparison is the thief of joy. Let your freak flag fly.

13 // If you are feeling lost, get lost.

14 // There will always be a reason to be sad; but I can guarantee that there will always be 5 times as many to be glad.

15 // Reading and words are windows to other worlds.

16 // Always choose to be kind. Hint – and you always can.

17 // Having a dog is a profound lesson in unconditional love; losing a dog is a profound lesson in heartache.

18 // At any one time, you are capable of the most radiant and blissful of happiness. If you choose it.

19 // Look fear in the face, say ‘fuck it’ and just go for it. Whatever ‘it’ may be. You’ll always regret the chances you didn’t take or the choices you didn’t make – trust and release.

20 // Rock bottom is a terrifying blessing in disguise.

21 // Being single can be lonely. Not having your own back when surrounded by people, is even lonelier.

22 // It’s never too late to forge a new path.

23 // Your body is your soul’s home. Treat it well.

24 // You always have the right answer; you just need to be quiet and still enough to hear it.

25 // The beach heals all wounds (both metaphoric and literal).

26 // You’re braver, smarter and more beautiful than you think.

27 // Living gently and mindfully isn’t just important; it’s kind of essential.

28 //¬†Anything less than love is low vibe and funky. Don’t be afraid to love the shit out of everything. I decided to cut the crap and love (everyone and everything) at full volume a few years back and I have never felt more myself, more shiny, more radiant or more joyful.


Blessings + birthday love x

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