I’ve become a little obsessed with the concept of balance; of uncovering the middle ground within the tug of war of our energies. Trying to find my place in the middle of push and pull; in the middle of directive and lost; in the middle of being and doing; in the middle of hard and soft; in the middle of fast and slow; in the middle of up and down; in the middle of yin and yang; in the middle of masculine and feminine. So often we set up camp and exist in a fixed locale – influenced by our environmental and energetic surroundings – and don’t question how we got there or how long we should stay. It took a few big ole nudges from the universe but I have, for too long, been overflowing in masculine energy and haven’t taken the time or space to do an inventory of my feminine. This week I found myself, lovingly and gently, being coerced into amping up the feminine and dulling down the masculine. Not forever, but for now. And it already feels delicious, like balance, and like home.

But Emily ‘you ain’t a dude‘ I hear you say. Correct. My ridiculously female physique definitely blows my cover if, in fact, I was hoping to live life as a dude (and, I’m not by the way, just wanted to put out any rumour fires before they start). But the concept of masculine and feminine is so often marketed as being black and white, with zero overlap and little give. The truth is being human ain’t as simple as being all masculine or all feminine energy, and in fact you’ll find that life feels a little sticky if you’re only vibin’ on one side of this energetic coin. Being female (as, spoiler alert, I am) doesn’t mean that I’m all feminine energy. I am a business owner, a go getter, a leader, a confident communicator and pretty hardcore particular about having things organised and in order – these are all characteristics of the masculine, yang, energy. Masculine energy is that non stop drive, checking things off the to do list, burning the candle at both ends, risk taking, adrenaline laced … Feminine is slow, considered, present, calm and grounded. Both are integral and both coexist within each and everyone of us to create a balanced, rich and purposeful life. I adore the infographic below, from, that so perfect captures the essence of feminine and masculine energies and their divine little dance of co-existance and collaboration.


Rushing, disconnection and overwhelm may serve as clear cut signs that we need to tone down our ‘doing’ and amp up our ‘being’; down with masculine and up with feminine. But the shadow side of excessive female energy might feel a little more like lethargy, lack of motivation, heaviness, withdrawal and inward turning. These behaviours and feels are intuitive nudges that our energy isn’t going so harmoniously and perhaps a rejig and recalibration is in order. Where, in your life, are you overflowing with good vibes and what aspects are not feeling so hot? You may find that there is a running theme and that all of these point to a certain abundance or lack of either feminine or masculine energies.

This stunningly poetic excerpt from Sakara explains the interconnectedness of these internal energies and the beauty and power of each.


Masculine energy is a straight line. It is sharp corners and angles. It goes in one direction and it takes it’s time getting there.

Feminine energy is fluid. It is swirls and curves and is energized and fast, moving in several directions at once.

Masculine energy is the Moon — mobile and dynamic, with the ability to affect the individual’s enterprise and psychological development. Masculinity rules the left side of the brain: logic, thought, risk and rush.

Feminine energy is the Sun — radiance and warmth, with the ability to bring life into this world and nurture it with it’s fundamental nutrients. Femininity rules the right side of the brain: being, understanding, feeling and nurturing.


Where do you feel that your energy is abundant and where could you, lovingly, direct yourself more towards? I unknowingly declared last month to be a month o’ masculine – aiming to dedicate the entire month of August to being ‘adult‘ and getting shit done. Lots of yang, oodles of frenetic energy, productivity, focus, unwavering attention and rigidity,  sweaty training sessions and a the building of a pretty hard ass shell around myself. So, this month and probably for next month too (just for funsies) I’m declaring September’s theme to be ‘soften‘. To mindfully slow the pace, reclaim presence, connect with myself and the world again, amp up the sensuality, practice slow yoga, light the candles, be decadent, wear floral and lace and rose geranium, dance in the kitchen whilst cooking epic planty foods, to feel and express, to tap into that high vibin’ creativity that seems to spill over as soon as I tune into all of the aforementioned deliciousness … shed the masculine cloak and just dose up on feminine swag.

Join me, won’t you?

Blessings and a whole lot o’ feminine love x

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