Why the people you meet while travelling are some of the best people you will ever meet.

I want to preface today’s discussion by recognising totally and completely that my relationships (in all of their delicious forms – family, friendship, romantic, sexy, platonic) are my greatest blessing + free square of my life. I have somehow attracted a tribe by my side of inspiring, kind, hilarious, beautiful + connected individuals since birth. The friendships that I made in primary + high school, when typically these fall by the wayside, are still the strongest + most profound examples of love + sisterhood that anyone has ever seen! And anyone that knows me knows that my family are my absolute world. I didn’t go away on my recent travels looking for new people to add to my life, I went away for me + to give space to what lights me up which is exploration + connection. But the funny thing is, when you follow your heart, passions + shine from a really authentic (not to mention HAPPY) place – you tend to attract the most incredible of kindred spirits + some of the world’s best humans. So that’s kind of what happened – a perfect blend of women, men, platonic, flirty, supercharged, high vibe, eclectic, kindred connections that will undoubtably serve to inspire + bring so much joy over the course of our lives. So here is a post of outpouring love + admiration + gratitude for the newest additions to my life –

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1// You’re lucky enough to witness one another living + playing as their most true selves.

Holiday folk are often a) uninhibited, b) unmasked (no one to impress or pretend to be), c) drunk, d) not stressed, e) totally + completely present. You see them in a way that’s closest to seeing what exists behind closed doors – they’re completely + totally in their bliss + connected to their true selves. 


2// They’re like minded.

Chances are if you find yourself abroad in a foreign country, the tourists that you come across may have stumbled onto your path because you have shared passions, interests, cultural pursuits etc. If you meet at a spiritual retreat in India – chances are you’ll have lots to chat about in the realm of all things metaphysical. If you meet on top of a mountain – chances are outdoorsy, exercise fuelled, sweat dripping explorations are your deal. If you meet at a nudist, swingers villa – chances are you’re in for one hell of an evening AND will enjoyed shared (latex laden) mutual affinities. 


3// They will teach you a thing or two (and you, to them).

Everyone has tread their own path, lived a life full to the brim with experiences (both good + bad), possesses knowledge + passions that are vast + widespread. Talk to them. Listen to them. Learn from them. Share what you know//love//dig.


4// You’ve most likely seen one another at your best and worst.

Travel isn’t always pretty. It involves emotional vulnerability, the shattering of comfort zones + the pulling down of barriers, living out of a suitcase (with stained, stinky, multi worn clothes), weird ailments + travel sicknesses (*cough* Amazonian leg rash). These people often will love + adore you, in spite AND because of all of these things. Because they’ll also see you at your best. And the ones who are destined for you are the ones that honour + celebrate all o’ you with both your lightness + darkness.


5// You’ve probably seen each other nekkid.

Rooms are small. Time is precious. Shots are cheap. Body insecurities near vanish with travel friends (+ barmen). Ain’t nothing to hide when it comes to travel buddies. Nips and all.


6// You have genuine conversations + discussions once you have parted ways.

For friends that live oceans apart, who don’t have the opportunity to pow wow about the little things like the weather + gossip over coffee, things get pretty real very fast. I have just over a handful of super amazing, all inspiring, worlds apart pen pals that I have been lucky enough to form incredible friendships with. But we don’t have time//capacity for the little things – we dive into pretty big deal happenings of our lives + hopes + fears + dreams. Some of the most amazingly inspiring conversations have been born of people I literally met only once.


7// You learn that friendship spans the seas + that miles are a mere tiny factor when it comes to support//friendship.

Same wave length as above but so important so I reworded it + stuck it in again, hoping you wouldn’t notice it’s repetition.


8// They’re passionate mother fuckers.

Grab-life-by-the-balls, full-steam-ahead kind of people. 

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9// They open up a world of possibility in terms of beds to crash in abroad, unofficial cultural exchange programs, new + exciting adventures.

Since coming home, I literally have appropriately 10zillion plans to visit people at all corners of the globe. I am crashing on a couch (or tractor) in Bristol, sippin’ martinis in London, hiking mountains in Peru, biking + entrepreneuring in Bolivia, frolicking in Melbourne, drinking beer in Germany, backpacking South East Asia, sharing a Guinness in Ireland … I’m not at all exaggerating nor have I come close to finishing the list. Worldwide friends are the best friends because you suddenly have access to a) incredible people and b) a roof over your head at so many wonderful wanderlusty spots.


10// You’ll soon learn that your paths crossed for a reason.

Look I’m sorry to end on such a hippie Emily note BUT zero fucks given because I believe it to be true. Life is unpredictable + twisty + turny. And it does not surrender to the ideals of chance or coincidence + I personally trust that every encounter, experience + adventure is so meant for us (either for pleasure, lessons, joy or growth). So whether you’ve come into one another’s lives for a good time, a long time or somewhere in between – trust that the people who you’re lucky enough to have met are YOUR people in some way or another (even the sleazy Puerto Riccan at the bar who grabs you sans consent + is an arrogant piece o’ crap – offers a lesson in what you’re not going to allow in your life + how much more attractive that other guy at the end of the bar is instead (cue sassy brunette emoji feat. hair flick).

Blessings + a raging friendship boner x

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