Because it’s not too often that an article resonate with you BIG time and you need to share the shit out of it.

I was sent the link to this incredible piece by Free + Native from a friend (who loves and cares for me, oh so deeply) and said that it ‘screamed Emily’. Then I read it … and concurred that yes, it indeed did scream Emily. So much so that I was pretty damn moved by the time my eyes (+ heart) had taken in the whole piece. Access the article by clicking here or the image below and let me know what you think – either in the comments below or over on Facebook or drop me a line in mah inbox.



Everything that shows up in our life is one of three things: lessons, gray area, or what we’ve been manifesting. It’s that simple.

What We’ve Been Manifesting | shows up when we are clear about what we want. Calling it in clearly. When we implement a few manifestation tools. And we’ve already passed our lessons by clearing our blocks (expanding our beliefs from limiting ones, raised our self-worth from the little we felt we deserved, and healed pain).

Gray Area | shows up in the areas where we are unconscious and aren’t actively and clearly commanding what we want. Or even conscious of what we want.  Wherever you are wishy-washy, you will receive wishy-washyness things.

Lessons | Lessons, however, are the true marker for raising our vibration.

Blessings and shared high vibes x

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