You know those days or weeks when your negative thoughts are just crazy powerrful and you can’t seem to get out of the ‘funk’. Where your number of positive and affirming thoughts are profoundly outnumbered by low vibe, self deprecating, sad little thoughts. Well, I’ve just emerged from one of those weeks and it’s time for some ‘pruning’. These negative thoughts grow rampantly, much like weeds in a garden, until they strangle the flowers and the garden of your mind is looking incredibly worse for wears. The best way to prune is by reducing the amount of power that you allocate to any fleeting thought – so let’s just say your mind busts out a few ‘I need to lose x kilos’, ‘I look HORRIBLE today’ or ‘I just feel gross’ – try to flip this and look at yourself through another perspective. You might instead tell yourself something like ‘I’m feeling less energetic and heavier than what I would like, what choices could I make today that would leave me feeling a little brighter?’ or ‘Eating that tub of icecream last night wasn’t actually all that beneficial to making me feel any better – today I will choose better’.

And to continue busting out of a negative funk – I’m going to blast out ten things that I immensely grateful for in my life at the moment. No room for negativity when there’s so much dang GOOD floating around :

1. Ocean dips and salty skin.

2. Making time for reading and for satisfying my ever inquisitive mind.

3. For strong and powerful legs that get me place to place.

4. For my tig bitties. They’re growing on me and they allow me to feel wildly feminine.

5. Balmy evenings with the windows cracked wide open.

6. Frozen banana smoothies for lunch on these icky sticky days.

7. My new home and all of its amazing energy and vibes.

8. Full belly laughs with friends.

9. Yoga on the deck and finding my little inner temple again.

10. Resurrecting my kokedamas and having beautiful little succulents adorn my room.

What are you grateful for?

Blessings and a happy, full, grateful heart x

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