1 – Keeps live foods ‘alive’. Cooking foods over 47 degrees Celcius destroys much of the foods nutrients. For spiritually minded folk – it’s also thought to reduce the life energy of the food.

2 – Cooking foods tends to destroy the naturally occurring enzymes in the food that assist our bodies in breaking down and absorbing their nutrients.

3 – People report huge shifts in energy and alertness during times of being on a raw diet.


4 – Improved sleeping patterns. People report greater ease in falling asleep AND waking up with more energy.

5 – Reduced mental ‘fog’. Eating raw can improve your mental sharpness, alertness and clarity.

6 – Eat til you’re full (even if that’s a LOT). You’ll experience a different sort of full – no lethargy or fatigue, but full of energy and a satisfied tummy!


7 – Saves on dishes. Think about the saucepans, stove tops, bowls and oven trays you dirty when whipping up a dish. Go raw and enjoy less dishes in your daily wash.

8 – No packaging. No plastics or nasties towards landfills or dumped at sea. The environment will love you!

9 – Healthier bowels. Boosted fibre and roughage in a raw diets means that your intestines are given a regular ‘sweeping’ and encourage about two to three eliminations each day!

10 – Connection to the earth. When you enjoy and consume earth’s bounty as it’s designed to be eaten (in it’s whole and natural state) you begin to fill a greater connection to nature and incredible nourishing capacity.


Blessings and raw love x

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