NANS Part DEUX – The ‘Affirmation’ Edition.


Affirmations. You only need to type “quotes + tumblr” into google or search the hashtag #inspiration to be cyberly (I made it up – what of it?) bombarded with thousands of messages of positivity, life affirming, happiness inducing words o’ wisdom. It seems that errybody in jumping on the positive word bandwagon. And rightly so! I mean, if there’s going to be a viral trend – I would much rather it be the masses sharing positive messages and loving thoughts rather than exchanging ‘YOLOs’ and ‘planking’ on ant hills. Yes indeedy, this is a trend and shift in consciousness that I wholeheartedly endorse.


Put simply, it’s the conscious practice of positive thought. A collection of words, a quote or mantra that evoke self empowerment, optimism, strength, hope and passion. When writing, or finding, an affirmation there are a few things that boost the efficiency and power of these affirming little words – make sure they are present tense, positive, personal/contextual and specific.


In a nutshell  – affirmations essentially ‘set the bar’. They are believed to set the universal wheels in motion. A lot of new age thinkers (Wayne Dyer; Louise Hay; Deepak Chopra; Gabrielle Bernstein and the rest of the ‘in’ crowd) share their ethos and belief that affirmative phrases do a few things – they allow us to consciously rewire our unconscious thoughts, they directly instruct the Universe on what we wish to be delivered (whether it be better relationships, a new job, the iphone 6 …) and they are also believed to influence the energy both within and around ourselves which allows like to attract like – positive energy attracts, breeds, supports even more positive energy. According to an article by Spiritual Health, affirmations cause a little bit of (healthy and productive) tension within us. Let’s just say our affirmation involves us being financially responsible and hoping to improve our saving skills, if you stare in the mirror saying ‘I meet my financial obligations with ease, I prioritise my spending appropriately and am able to save with ease and enthusiasm’ but five minutes earlier, you spent $1000 on ebay for a chapstick used by Mr Gosling (we’ve all been there ladies), a little bit of tension is going to arise. They say, therefore, you either stop saying the affirmation OR (hopefully) you stop the behaviour that is causing the tension. For us soul stretching, enlightenment seeking, Universal believers and self empowerers – hopefully the desire to manifest our dreams keeps us staring right into that mirror, until our actions match our words.


As I mentioned above, popular new age thinkers believe that to make an affirmative ‘work for you’, it needs to (understandably) be written for you. BUT if you’re hoping to just get stuck into it right away (go you little firecracker you) then I’m-a hook you up with some of my favourite writers, resources and links to get your affirmation juices flowing.

+ Spirit Junkie Alarm – This beautifully designed app, created by the lovely Gabrielle Bernstein, gives you the tools you need to start each day with a positive, affirmative and meditative thought.

+ Louise Hay’s Heart Thoughts – I love this book. The gorgeous artwork and illustrations make my soul sing. The book provides readers with an affirmation and then a reflective/discussion passage below – delving into the nitty gritty of the words and unpacking what the affirmation truly reflects. Affirmations are ordered based on topic – think health, happiness, family, love, wealth etc. Your girl Louise has got you covered.

+ Louise Hay’s Daily Affirmations – A webpage updated daily sharing Louise’s personal affirmations and available for all to enjoy.

+ Notes from the Universe – Imagine if the Universe and you were besties. You chatted on the reg, shared your secrets, encouraged one another and inspired the shiz out of one another on a daily basis. This is exactly what Mike Dooley and the team at TUT have created. Ok, not so much affirmations, but awe inspiring, high frequency, divinely timed messages of love, hope and belief. I couldn’t help but share it with you today.


First and foremost, get absolutely crystal clear on what it is you want to manifest. If this shiz gets real, will you have brought to life what you really wanted. Almost adopt a ‘careful what you wish for approach’. If you’re wanting some more moolah to allow you to buy a one way ticket to Paris – don’t just pop ‘more money’ into your affirmation. If you spot a bit o’ money on the sidewalk on your daily walk – consider that a Universal delivery – but 50c ain’t even getting you a croissant. Get specific sweetheart. John Assaraf shares his tried and tested tips on manifesting from your affirmations. It’s a fab read but if you’re saying ‘Emily, just tell me NOW woman!’ – I got chu. In summary John says – repeat like a mother chucker (apparently we have 60,000 thoughts a day, make sure at least 50 of these are affirmative ones); keep going and continue with your affirmations until they become a reality and be wary of any subconscious blocks to your success.

Now, tell me beautiful, what is YOUR favourite affirmation? Share below or over on our Instagram!

Blessings and affirmations a plenty x

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