Bless this Mess got some Lovin’! We’ve been nominated for the Leibster Award!


So this morning I awoke, post final juice cleanse day and pre yoga, to the most gorgeous email from the beautiful Lyndsey from Lyndsey Eden nominating me for the Leibster bloggers//writers Award. At first, I thought it was one of my crazy emails alerting me to spam (I get literally 100s a day) but Lyndsey’s words were so beautiful and genuine that I decided to check it out. This award is one thats nominated by bloggers for bloggers and it’s kind of a big warm hug that says ‘the work you do is noticed’. The thing is, when you write a blog, you have no idea who is reading. You have no idea if the words you type are making a difference in someone’s life, fuelling change and transformation or whether the tab is being closed faster than a naughty pop up when you’re streaming your favourite tv show. As a blogger, and writer, and soul sharer, I put my heart on my sleeve and lay my soul bare hoping that it resonates with someone somewhere and that in some way, great or small, I might make an inkling of difference in the world. So beautiful Lyndsey, thank you from the bottom of my heart for recognising my little corner of the interweb and I am so grateful that my words have entered your heart.

The deal with this award is that it acts as sort of a ‘Pay it Forward’ initiative and has it’s own set of guidelines. Part deux of this award, after I choose whether or not to accept it, is to share a bit about myself via a little Q&A. So without further adu, here is my A to these Q’s (yes, that rhymes, bonus points!)

What is your awe inspiring message you want to share with the world?

I love this question! My simple message and mission is to live as kindly as possible. I truly believe that if we all gave a little more kindness, this world would be even more beautiful, more harmonious and more glorious! I constantly harp on about Blessed Living and that’s living that doesn’t take a single day for granted, a life based on gratitude, generosity and kindness, one that encourages you to share your own blessings and gifts with the world. Think about how you could show more kindness to yourself, to others around you and the greater community, to the beautiful animals that roam the earth and to our planet – kindness is the new black.

How do you nurture and nourish your mind, body & soul?

I nourish my mind with transformative texts, inspiring conversations, self love practices, positive affirmations and powerful prose. I nourish my body with delicious, fresh, high vibe plant based food that my body sings out for; I sweat it out and get myself moving every day and I (try) to send it love, blessings and thanks every morning to harness that self love and appreciation. I nourish my soul by spending time with my loved ones; spending time outdoors and by the ocean and honouring that little voice inside that tells me when you push forward and when to pull back.

What is happiness to you?

The purpose of all life. Be happy erryday.

3 books on your night stand right now?

I am Malala; my 5 year Question a day journal; You can Heal your Life.

Sex or chocolate?

Change ‘or’ to ‘then’ and we have a great night in.

How do you unwind after a long day?

Mat time; cooking a delicious meal; chats with my darling heart and a lonnng walk with my puppy.

What does your spiritual practice look like?

It looks like radical kindness – to everyone and everything; it looks like daily mat-time; it looks like nightly prayers and regular expressions of gratitude. And It feels like a big warm hug, it feels like an old friend, it feels like home.

Favourite way to move that sexy booty of yours?

Ahh, this changes more often than P Diddy, Puff Daddy, Puff the Magic Dragon Combs changes aliases. But, for the moment, I’m all about yoga, climbing, circuit training and daily walks.

What brings a smile to your face?

Acts of love and kindness. When you catch your loved ones gaze and their smile reaches from the corners of their mouth all the way up to their eyes. And a shirtless meme of Zak Efron, Channing Tatum or Ryan Gosling always brings a smutty smile to my face.

Favourite type of food?

In terms of cuisine – I love me some Japanese goodness. But for everyday vitality and good health – I adore plant based, wholesome, nourishing meals that use local and seasonal produce and are infused with oodles of loving energy!


Now for my nominations … of bloggers//writers//visionaries whom I adore and would love to pass the love on to! These writers inspire the dickens out of me and I would LOVE to showcase their work.

Lacey from The Yoga Emporium

Laura from Laura’s Mess

Amelia from Amelia Harvey Health

Jenna from Jenna Felicity

Anna from Life’s Shiny Pretty Things

Emily from Emily Ehlers


And my questions for these ladies are –

1. What is your ‘word’ for this year? What word best describes your essence for 2014?

2. If you were Prime Minister for a day – what nation wide rule would you see imposed?

3. What is your antidote to a shnitty day?

4. What is your favourite go-to meal?

5. Describe your ideal day – from sunrise to sunset.

6. The hardest lesson you’ve had to learn.

7. What did younger you dream of doing//being?

8. Share your favourite film and why you love it so.

9. What do you think the world could do with a little more of?

10. The world is a better place because of my …


Blessings and BUCKETS of gratitude x

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