The Lenten Season – BTM Styles


Long time readers may recall that I wrote this post a few years back (hooley dooley the blog is getting old!) on what I opted to do for Lent in 2013. Instead of focussing on sacrifice or the ‘giving up’ of something tangible and material, I chose to give a fortnightly donation to a charity//cause//initiative of my choosing that reflected my personal values and was evidence of the change I wish to see exist in this world.

So – guess what tradition I’m rocking out again this year?! That’s right friends, Fridays on the blog will look a little different with every week showcasing a different ‘Feature Friday’ that gives a brief summary of the organisation that I am supporting and why.

First one is up this arvo! Get excited gang.

H A P P Y  F R I D A Y  !

Blessings and abundant love x

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