FEED ME MONDAYS – The Raw and the Fabulous Edition

Happy Monday err’ybody! What a beautiful sunshiney day it is, I can’t imagine a more perfect start to the week ahead. A wonderful weekend spent with my beautiful friends, a perfect ‘find’ and chats with friends abroad let to a very happy Emily. I am blessed to have my mum staying down with me at the moment, so we are doing an emotional and physical detox with lots of nutritious foods, lots of reading and lots of resting (when I get home from work hehe).

Today is a personal favourite from my raw and fabulous collection – The Raw Brownie. Now just hear me out. I have had a few friends and family members initially turn up their noses only to find that, in fact, they adored this creation and their tastebuds were left completely satisfied by this delectable guilt free indulgence.
My suggestion? Don’t be a hater, don’t judge a book by it’s cover, don’t be closed minded – give this recipe a go and I guarantee that your body and your mouth will be forever grateful.

The ‘Raw and the Fabulous’ Choc Brownie
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Sarah Britton’s Raw Choc Brownie Recipe (with a few additions)
2 Cups Walnuts
2.5 Cups Medjool dates (pitted and loosely packed)
1 Cup raw cacao*
1 Cup raw almonds (unsalted)
Optional 1/4 teaspoon of sea salt

Handful of pepitas and goji berries

Put the walnuts into a food processor and pulse until they’re well ground. Add the cacao, and salt if you’ve chosen to do so, and pulse to mix this through. Add the dates one or two at a time through the processor’s feeder tube and keep pulsing! Once they’re all added, I use my hands to then add the raw almonds through and ensure they’re spread throughout the mixture. Empty the mixture out into a lined shallow rectangular cake tin (or brownie specific tin if you’re fancy!) and press it down into the tin/pan, you’ll find that although it looks crumbly it actually all comes together when pressed. For an extra superfood boost (and because it looks so perdy) I also spread on and press in goji berries and pepitas. Festively coloured and ridiculously delicious – I keep these bad boys in the freezer and they are my go to treat when a chocolate craving hits. I double dare you to try just one and stop with that – these are the raw healthy equivilent to pringles baby! You can’t stop!

*Not regular cocoa peeps! Raw cacao is not heated during its production so the enzymes are still active and it boasts a massive dose of antioxidants. Superfood ahoy!

So be sure to tell me what you thought? I’m guessing this creates a mini pandemic and everyone is going to lose their shiz and emerge with chocolate smeared faces after tasting these little devils.

Blessings from my little slice of raw chocolate heaven x

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