There’s been an inner stirring, growing stronger each day, begging me to get back to writing and just to sit and chill for a bit. But carving out that sacred time has been a little challenging lately. Because, life. I’ve found lately that erry body around me has been caught up in the most recent swirl of frenetic energy – where we are chasing our tails, chugging coffee in between appointments and forgetting those magical moments that used to mark our lives like little sign posts and direct us back to ourselves. It’s totally understandable, but is it the ‘best way’ to live? Methinks not.

So, how to do return to ourselves and that delicious equilibrium between striving and content – because it truly is the dance between these two polarities that make life exciting. Not too complacent, and not too strained. Eyes on the prize and a desire for growth, but alongside a presence and acceptance of what is. It took a recent bout of illness to slow me down and for my inner sasspot to declare ‘fuck this, this isn’t making you happy’. A life of back to back commitments and unending guilt for not being or doing enough – it ain’t no fun. Cue flu. And fatigue so great that even this chicka, who typically thrives on little sleep if necessary, was spending more time in dreamland than she was in the real world. This stillness prompted me to have a big think about what was making me happy and what was making me feel kind of shitty. Once I had this metaphoric list, it became pretty clear of what I needed to do. Do a little more of column A, a little less of column B.


If you’re feeling kind of stale – here are some things you can try that might just bring back your sparkle –

+ Turn off your alarm for just one morning. Allow your body to instinctively call the shots. Getting ample rest is so vital for our energy, health and wellbeing. Give yourself permission to listen to your oh-so-wise bod and perhaps that little ‘top up of sleep’ is enough to spark an immeasurable bounce back in your step.

+ Do something fun [just for the sake of it being fun]. No agenda or motive – literally just to enjoy. Whether it’s indulging on the couch, rugged up with your favourite movie or favourite human; getting down the beach and splashing around in the waves; creating something cool or crafty. Just get lost in a task for the hell of it.

+ Joy breeds joy. If you, like most people, still have word commitments or extra curricular commitments that might not be making you feel too high vibe at the moment, flip that energy on its head and try to bring more joy into whatever situation you find yourself. And, yep, the old adage ‘fake it til you make it’ rings true here too. You’ll find that like attracts like and soon enough the joy that you bring to one task will not only come straight back at you [in bucketloads] but it will start to spill out into all areas of your life.

+ Get grateful. You can’t be sad and grateful at the same time. You just can’t. Mentally listing your gratitudes, or scribbling them down in your journal is like a big ole declaration to the universe that you’ve actively chosen to change your state – from a mindset of lacking to one of abundance. Experiment time – if you find yourself having a shitty, anxious or low vibe thought – quickly distract yourself by listing 5 things that you’re most grateful for in the moment. Look around you, look bigger picture, look wherever you want … I promise you – they are there.

+ Connect to something living and disconnect from something that’s not. I don’t want you to get all ‘ouija’ board on me. What I mean here is that being so ‘online’ and plugged into social medias, our smart phones, digital media etc can instill such a dense and low vibe energy. Take an hour or so to TOTALLY unplug. Leave your phone at home and see a friend; or opt for a solo coastal walk; or tuck into a book and connect with otherworldly characters [fictional or real AF]. Bonus points if you reach out to a friend who you haven’t spoken to in awhile – and sprinkle that love a little further. Get in nature and just take in the insignificance [and miracle] of our tiny little space of occupancy on this spinning planet. Get out of your own head and connect with something, or someone, larger than yourself.

Blessings and happy FriYay vibes xlarge

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