Are you ever unsure of where you’re meant to be or what you should be doing? That, sometimes, you feel like you strayed from your intended path and are so far from where you should be that it feels like a lifetime away? Or are you sometimes hesitant to take the next step, because you just don’t know if it’s the right one? I have been there a million times, if not more! And one thing that has supported my decisions and reaffirmed my position in life is becoming more attuned to the subtle (and often, not so subtle) signs from the Universe. Yes, today’s is a hippie post. Yes, there is a little ‘x’ in the top right corner of your browser if it’s not your bag – just check back in tomorrow instead amigo. If you are sticking around though (eff yeah, I like you, let’s be hippie friends and share crystals and tea) today’s post is all about pickin’ up on what ole mate Universe (or God, or Mother Nature … it’s all semantics) is puttin’ down.


Life tends to kind of fall to pieces just before the Universe steps in and weaves her magic. I believe so anyway. It could be as simple as not landing that job you were certain you would get; your sure-thing relationship breaking down; your finances running dry … I have seen, both in my life and in others around me, that it’s always darkest before the dawn. If things are gettin’ pretty tough, it may be a sign that things are falling away that just aren’t intended for you – even if you believed with all your heart and soul that they were. And here’s where the ‘but’ comes in, because we have all been through really shitty times that were arguably not at all cosmically predestined right? The difference is that when Universally guided//inspired challenges hit, you’re also struck with a profound sense of resilience and trust. It might waver, diminishing and then flourishing over time, but it’s there – that innate and intuitive trust in the process.


You know that feeling of ease and flow that you experience when life is all rainbows and smiles; you get a string of green lights and no traffic on the way to work, people are beaming at you, you find $10 on the street, you nailed your deadline at work … THAT is flow and that is how the Universe works when the vibe//energy that you’re putting out is in alignment with the vibe//energy that’s destined for you. All of the resistance and challenge that you experienced in the previous phase of it all just going to shit – lifts. It completely disappears and you’re left instead with a life that just seems to unfold, perfectly, before you.


That overwhelming sensation in your heart and tummy of abundant gratitude, love and appreciation – boom, you’re exactly where you’re meant to be. I believe that our day to day ‘gut feels’ and energies are a huge indication of whether something is right or not. Get an email with a job opportunity and your heart sinks or you get a really weird feeling in the pit of your stomach? Probably not the job for you. Someone else opens that same email, same content, same opportunity and all of a sudden their eyes widen, heart flutters and excitement is palpable – that is their opportunity. One of my favourite quotes is “Be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul alight” – chase that feeling of magic, butterflies and bliss – it’s how you should be feeling every damn day of your inspired existence baby!


Those gut feelings and hunches that used to be subtle little niggles in the very depths of your stomach are now whole body felt sensations of raging ‘yes’ or ‘no’. For a long time, I knew something needed to change within my life. It was living there, in the base of my tummy (right at the ole solar plexus), dull but ever present for months. As I started becoming more aware of other signs and unfolding situations around me that might have been serving as lessons and guide posts – these ‘subtle’ experiences became full blown. Waking up at the same time of night, every night, with the feeling in my stomach amplified ten fold and the answers to my scariest questions burning so damn strongly in my mind. Now I just know and trust what situations are for me and which ones are not – as soon as I tune in to my intuition, it lets me know ASAP Rocky.

5. THESE. Because sometimes you need to hear it from someone else.





Blessings and a giant ‘cheers’ to being exactly where we are meant to be x

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