I write to heal, write to share, write to connect, write to reflect, write to plan, write to inspire, write to be inspired, write to express … I’m a writer.

As of tomorrow, I will be South America bound for my first (ever) solo travel adventure. The past few months have seen me sea-saw between ‘holy frikkin dinosaur dick, I’m going’ and ‘I’m cancelling. This is stupid. I can’t do this.’. At the moment, my feet and heart are firmly rooted at the ‘excitement’ end of the spectrum. Heart is full, mind is wide open and my soul is all sparkly.

Part of my challenge to myself on this little adventure is to truly immerse myself in the experiences that it brings. To be open minded. To be led to wherever my intuition and heart guide me. To be completely and totally present. To be kind with myself and the expectations that I hold.

Therefore, if I feel like spending the day exploring and the nights writing for hours on end, I will.
If I feel like blogging, I will.
If I feel like scrawling in my journal whilst rugged up in my little tent on the Bolivian salt flats, I will.
If I opt to read someone else’s words instead of creating my own, I will.

The blog may get a little bare and only some sporadic love over this time and for those of you who are regular readers, I’m sorry! BUT please know and love that I am off living the Blessed Life that we are all seeking – so even if my words aren’t reaching you – we are still connected as fellow little ‘blessers’ and ‘seekers’ in this life! Use this time to trawl through all the older posts and hidden gems that adorn the crown of this cyberspace.

Blessings, love, cuddles and a SHIT TONNE of wanderlust x

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